Northwest Farm-To-Table Trade Meeting

Sustainable Connections’ Northwest Farm-To-Table Trade Meeting is coming up on Feb.19th. Where Northwest farmers, consumers and overall local food lovers can go to …

“Find Local Products. Connect to Buyers. Get Inspired!”

We are a proud member of Sustainable Connections and support their collective efforts,  some of which include ‘think local first’ and a movement toward ‘zero waste’. We also share their passion to grow sustainable businesses.  By “accounting for sustainability” (Read BBJ article), we can make a ‘profound impact’ within various industries like fishing, agriculture, hospitality, manufacturing and more.

Specializing in accounting software, we show owners and operators how to track waste (garbage), costs (energy consumption), local buying campaigns and more with software they’re likely already using.

If you’d like to learn more about “accounting for sustainability”, call Chris McGee directly at (360) 303-5798 or email him at chris at pficoach dot com.

We’ll also be at the Farm-To-Table meeting as part of the ‘welcome committee’ (a.k.a. registration). We look forward to meeting you!

For over 25 years, Business Support Services (BSS) Northwest, LLC has provided Pacific Northwest businesses with affordable and accurate Payroll, Monthly Reports, Business Consulting and Accounting Support Services. Their ProFound Impact (PFI) Business Coach & QuickBooks® Expert, Chris McGee optimizes accounting software, customizes reports & improves work flow issues to help businesses continue to grow and prosper.

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