Ever made a mistake on an employee’s paycheck? Or even worse – made a mistake on the payroll tax deposit or tax returns?

Payroll Services


Confused by Regulations?  Getting penalties?

Bellingham based, Business Support Services (BSS) Northwest, LLC understands how important the payroll process is to you and your employees.  We also understand how important it is for you, the business owner, to have someone who can answer your questions about the very complex area of payroll.  Just like our monthly business reporting service, BSS Northwest’s payroll service is designed not just to fill out the paperwork, but to help you make the right decisions.  Decisions that can save you time and money.

*** Paid Sick Leave mandate goes into effect January 1, 2018 ***
For more information click here (PDF)

We offer two services: voucher and printed paycheck.

Call us to discuss payroll pricing at (360) 733-5530

Our voucher service provides for a lower cost, faster turnaround payroll service. After you send in your payroll information, we will return back to you payroll vouchers with all the proper calculations and net check amounts for each employee. You write the check yourself based on the amount we tell you on the voucher. No courier time, no courier cost.

Our printed paycheck service produces the actual payroll check and stub for you to sign and distribute to your employees. We will courier or express mail the check to your location.

Payroll pricing depends on the number of employees you have and the various service options you choose.  We can help you customize. Contact us for payroll pricing.

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We moved!

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