Small Business Paid Leave Requirements FAQ

The "Wage and Hour Questions Employers Often Ask" is a fact sheet that was published earlier in 2018 by the Washington State Department of Revenue. It was intended to be used for 'informational purposes only' but does give a good overview of common questions small business owners have regarding paid leave requirements. If you have specific questions/concerns regarding paid leave requirements, you can contact the...
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Payroll – It’s on you

What you don't know definitely can end up hurting you because ultimately reporting and paying payroll taxes correctly and on time is an employer's responsibility. Some common payroll mistakes:
  1. Allow comp time for overtime hours worked
  2. Misclassification of workers
  3. Know the rules regarding the time you have to pay a leaving employee their 'last paycheck'.
  4. Payroll taxes should be a priority regardless of your cash-flow or...
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DIY or Outsource Employee Payroll?

If you own a small to medium size business and you've grown to the point where you need to hire employees, congratulations! This IS exciting news. However, with new hired help, payroll enters into the conversation and with it the dilemma to do it yourself or outsource it to a payroll service provider. Many business owners are savvy QuickBooks users and familiar with bookkeeping and financial...
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