Gross Up a Paycheck in QuickBooks®

What does it mean to gross up a paycheck? It's the opposite of the typical payroll method whereby an employee is paid a gross amount and then incremental portions of money are withheld by the employer for tax purposes, social security and retirement/benefits contributions. In the case of grossing up a paycheck, the paycheck is inflated by a specific amount so the employee receives a guaranteed,...
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Small Business Paid Leave Requirements FAQ

The "Wage and Hour Questions Employers Often Ask" is a fact sheet that was published earlier in 2018 by the Washington State Department of Revenue. It was intended to be used for 'informational purposes only' but does give a good overview of common questions small business owners have regarding paid leave requirements. If you have specific questions/concerns regarding paid leave requirements, you can contact the...
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Payroll – It’s on you

What you don't know definitely can end up hurting you because ultimately reporting and paying payroll taxes correctly and on time is an employer's responsibility. Some common payroll mistakes:
  1. Allow comp time for overtime hours worked
  2. Misclassification of workers
  3. Know the rules regarding the time you have to pay a leaving employee their 'last paycheck'.
  4. Payroll taxes should be a priority regardless of your cash-flow or...
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