Switching from QuickBooks Online to Desktop?

Is It Tricky? Do you want to switch from QuickBooks Online (QBO) to a desktop version of QuickBooks? Wondering how complicated it is? Short answer if the business is small and not using payroll or inventory it shouldn't be too bad. Otherwise, yes it's tricky. Intuit has outlined the process so users 'understand the capabilities and limitations' of exporting from one to the other. Export...
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Business Reports – Getting more bang for the buck!

Join Business Support Services' Business Coach, Chris McGee as he leads 1-1/2 hour informal round table discussions about getting the most bang for your buck with business reports.
 “I recently attended a Quickbooks educational class taught by Chris. His knowledge of QuickBooks is evident. He is also very patient and makes sure everyone attending understands all aspects of the training, even with the different levels of...
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Proactive Bookkeeping

Small businesses who use their accounting data to inform how they manage their operation as a whole are less likely to have to manage 'under crisis.' Further, with good categories and tracking systems in place, business performance can be measured and monitored easily, allowing owners to continually streamline their business and improve their efficiency. This practice inevitably reduces waste. (Related article: Tracking by...
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