Create a Customized Report in QuickBooks®

Customizing some of the hundreds of reports in QuickBooks is particularly beneficial when want to review and analyze the information on a regular basis. For example, tracking the income and expenses by customer can be very useful. A customized report in QBO by customer allow for easy use and frequent retrieval.
Step 1: Reports Center > Profit and Loss > Customize >...
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Customize Business Reports

Often underutilized is QuickBooks®' customize business reports feature. This powerful tool allows users the flexibility to fashion business reports to serve their own company goals. Get some ideas by watching the below video or call us at (360) 733-5530 for more information.   ProFound Impact is a division of Business Support Services Northwest, LLC. Chris McGee works with Pacific...
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Why Review Financial Statements?

There are three primary financial reports that every business should be reviewing on a regular basis and we don't mean annually, we mean MONTHLY!

Cash Flow Statement

Used often for analysis purposes, the cash flow statement shows how much money a company has at any given time and speaks to a business' solvency or financial credibility. For example if a company's revenues are dependent on sales made...
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