It has been our great pleasure to have Mr Chris McGee as part of the team at Hillview Builders Inc.  Indeed Chris came to us several years ago, when as a small construction company we were struggling to control our costs, really eager to know our costs!  Chris’s expertise has been so appreciated by the board of directors, that we continue to use him several times per year, he brings the same great attitude to a quarterly review, as he does to a job cost training session with our book keeper.

It is just this very kind of thing that makes me so appreciate Chris.  Whenever we are facing a challenge in the electronic world! Chris is quick to help problem solve.  Case in point, QuickBooks Pro … a very powerful financial program in the general business sense, however to use it at its capacity, in construction, requires a level of customization that we would never have accomplished on our own.  We are getting financial information from our computer now that would truly rival any of our competitors, and this is right where we need to be as this is an incredibly competitive business!

Sec/Treas HBI

Paul Anderson, Treasurer HBI