QuickBooks® Workshops (Free)

How to Use Purchase Orders, Receive in Inventory and Design Invoices in QuickBooks® Would you like to learn how to use Purchase Orders, Receive in Inventory and customize the look of your Invoices in QuickBooks®? Attend this free, 1-1/2 hour QuickBooks® workshop to learn how you can customize these powerful QuickBooks® forms and have them work better for your business. Presented by your local QuickBooks® ProAdvisor More info

Cyber-security Tips for Small Business

FDIC listed a comprehensive list small business owners can use to protect their data and their money from hackers.  Their cyber-security tips in short are: 1. Keep up-to-date anti-virus software on all computer devices with automatic updates. 2. Regularly install ‘patches’ or updates to all software. 3. Keep employee access to data ‘job specific’. 4. Train employees about cybersecurity issues (30 minute SBA online course) 5. ‘Strong authentication’ beyond just a...
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