Switching from QuickBooks Online to Desktop?

Is It Tricky?
Do you want to switch from QuickBooks Online (QBO) to a desktop version of QuickBooks? Wondering how complicated it is? Short answer if the business is small and not using payroll or inventory it shouldn’t be too bad. Otherwise, yes it’s tricky.

Intuit has outlined the process so users ‘understand the capabilities and limitations’ of exporting from one to the other.

Export limitations when moving from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop

Before You Start
“IMPORTANT: The steps provided … are intended to ensure that both Internet Explorer and QuickBooks are properly set up to allow a successful import. Skipping these steps can result in your data not exporting correctly or roadblocks that may impede the completion of your conversion.” Intuit’s steps:  Exporting your data from Online to Desktop


If you’re migrating data from QBO to Premier for non-profit some suggest using the Premier accounting version to avoid known problems. Then once the data is moved over, cleaned up and comparisons done, deploy it to the non-profit version. Intuit says this:

**If you want to convert your QBO data to QB Premier NonProfit or Retail Edition:

  • You can change the Industry Edition in QB Premier before you do the export.
  • Change it to the General Edition. Then after the export, change it back to the Non Profit or Retail Edition. (Source)

Be sure to use account numbers and follow Intuit’s steps: Exporting your data from Online to Desktop

If you have any questions and/or concerns about migrating your data from one program to the next, please feel free to discuss it with Chris McGee at (360) 303-5798 or email him prior to exporting your data to make sure you’re off to the right start.

For more information about Chris McGee visit his website at: https://www.pficoach.com/

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